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Small business energy

Why the difference between private customers and small business ?

Before we can start to compare the rates for gas and energy we need to classify the consumer. The first difference is made between private and corporate consumers. Unlike the difference between big and small business consumers aforenamed difference isn’t made on grounds of usage. It isn’t even strange that the usage of small businesses and private consumers is equal. The difference actually depends on the destination of the building the power is delivered to. When the building is destinated for business purposes, the connection is also a business connection. Immediately request a offer for small business energy.

The big differences in both connections and deals are suited in the extent of protection. In accordance with current legalisation private consumers receive better protection than (small) business consumers. For example, one of the differences is the option of tacit renewal of business contracts. Also the fines for premature termination are way higher in the business section. The protection also affects the differences in the rates. A private consumer can save about 200 to 300 euro with switching to another supplier, in the business these differences can rise to thousands of euros.

When is my business small?

As said the first step in comparing offers is making sure you are looking at the right market. The differences between private v. business & corporate business v. small business are the most important factors to watch. Your company gets the label ‘small business’ when:

  • Your energy connection is 3x80A or smaller;
  • Your gas connection doesn’t let trough 40 cubic meter or less

You can look up the actual size of your connection at the bill or in the distribution cabinet. When you can’t find your grid operators always knows the right size. For the size of your gas connection you obviously need to look at your gas bill or at the gas meter.

What can we do for you?

When we receive your request for an offer we immediately start working for you. When comparing we keep in mind that you are a small company, so we need to look for the most profitable rates. The rates are compared with the matching volumes in our mind. Even though we deliver custom comparisons, we aim to deliver the comparisons within 24 hours!