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Building connection energy

A company needs gas and electricity way before the building is done. In the very beginning of the building process both powers are needed. Is it possible to set up a building connection for your building ground?

What is a building connection?

A building connection is a temporary connection used during the building process. The grid operator places this connection to provide you with power during the building process. These connections are delivered in water and windproof boxes. The duration of these connections is temporary, the maximum duration normally is two years. 

Which data are important for the application for a building connection?

Firstly you need to submit the application on time. The grid operator, the company which is responsible for the placement of the building connection, needs to check some details before placing the connection.

At the time of submitting the application it is important that you approximately know the usage of the needed connection(s). We highly advise you to enquire the usage at the company working at the building site, they have experience with these connections and the activities at the building site. Because of the big differences per building site we advise to ask for the usage beforehand. The usages differ a lot because of the differences in yearly usage and the usage in peak hours.

We are happy to help you with gathering all the needed data for the application!

What are the costs for a building connection?

We can’t give you the exact costs for a connection in advance, as they differ a lot. It is important that you get the costs in the picture before you start the building process. The costs for a building connection include some standard components. Aforenamed costs included costs like staff expenses and the used materials. Every grid operator has his own way of billing these costs.

Apart from the standard costs for installing the connection, the grid operators also bill variable costs. When you are filling the application for the building the connection the grid operator will give you some options for the supply of power. These options offer you a choice for the variable supplying costs. The grid operators differ a lot as they use different costs for the rental, the variable costs and the transportation costs. Because of the big differences between these promotion offers we advise to give those a close look. Sometimes the big promotion is equalised in aforenamed costs. 

Do you need help with evaluating a present offer? We are happy to help you with making the right choice.

What happens with the connection after the building process is done?

When the building process is finished you need to make a choice how you want to continue with the connection. You get to choose between two option. Firstly you can choice to keep the current connection. In addition it is an option to remove the current connection. The removal does bring some (extra) costs. 

Apart from removing you can choose to change the temporary connection in a permanent one. You need to fill in a new application for this process. The connection will be replaced to the fuse box in the new building. Always check the agreed volume, sometimes you don’t need as much when the building process is done. The replacement process can take place after finishing the building process.

What can we do for you?

We understand that a building process brings enough stress for your company, the additional stress of arranging power isn’t always desirable. We are happy to take these tasks out of your hands, so you can focus on the (more) important questions.