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Comparing corporate energy

We at Zakelijke Energietarieven deliver you a easy, quick and independent service for comparing the suppliers of corporate energy at the Netherlands. We are specialised in corporate energy and associated terms.

The best place to get corporate energy depends on several factors. The price u pay fully depends on the buying moment, the size of your company, the energy market and the buying strategy. Because of the number of factors the best supplier can change day by day. This probably sounds difficult but it isn’t. We are happy to help you with creating an organized image of the best corporate energy deals.

Comparing and closing corporate energy deals 

Some companies form a good customer for the suppliers. As they use a lot of power, they also bring a lot of profit to the supplier. On the other hand there are companies which they rather want to lose. Regardless of which company you are, it is always smart to compare the suppliers when you are near to the end of your contractual period. More than once it is possible to step into a new supplier with big welcoming offers. With aforenamed offers you are sure of choosing the most profitable option.

We at Zakelijke Energietarieven are happy to help you with comparing new offers. We will use our experience in the corporate energy market to help you.

Power rates for bulk consumers 

We aim for getting the best deals for bulk consumer, however we are able to help smaller companies with less usage. When bulk consumers try to compare different suppliers at comparing websites more than once it is impossible to compare the complete image. The offered prices which are offered online are limited to smaller usages or to smaller connections.

When smaller companies try to seal a deal via aforenamed comparing websites they happen to get less beneficial deals. Because of these difficulties for both small as big companies we at … are happy to help you with making the right choice.

Tips & tricks for comparing corporate energy prices

Whenever you try to compare corporate energy deals you have to watch several important factors. At first the prices, watch the used periods for comparing various deals. It isn’t smart to compare different periods, via this mistake a deal can look better than it is.

In addition it is highly advised to watch the bandwidth of the offers. Not every supplier provides offers with unlimited usage. Limitations of the bandwidth are more than once hidden in the small print of the offer. Another thing hidden in the small print is the notice period. Some of the suppliers operate with a long notice period, sometimes even for half a year. This is a important condition to watch when you are comparing corporate energy offers. Last but not least you also should keep a close eye to the fixed components and the regional surcharge for gas, these costs differ a lot between suppliers.