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Corporate energy market: watch these aspects

When you are looking for a new opportunity at the corporate energy market you want to spend as least time as possible. You don’t want to spend all of your time seeking for independent offers. The right choice for buying corporate energy depends on several factors. The factors are, among others, the type of company, the market your company is working at, your purchasing strategy and the time of buying. At first those factors sound difficult, but in the end it depends on experience. Especially when you reach out to us: we are specialised in the corporate energy market, with corresponding conditions. 

For most of the companies the costs of energy represent a significant expense. It doesn’t matter if you are one-man business or a multinational. Indeed, almost every company uses energy. So, saving costs at this expense could be a structural solution for most of the companies existing. Put a little work in overviewing the prices (the current ones but also when you close a new deal), and the saving could rise high.

Comparing corporate energy

Most of the companies choose the easy way of simply extending their ongoing agreement. However, comparing could open up a lot of opportunities. When you close a new deal for corporate energy you get to choose if you want a fixed rate or variable rate. With those rates comes a monthly fixed fee. At Zakelijke Energietarieven we are happy to help you with comparing energy suppliers, also it is possible to help you with closing the right deals. We provide you a clear and independent way of consultancy. Thanks to our years of experience at the corporate energy market we know all the ins and outs of this market.

When you want to start comparing at your own, we provide you a roadmap with the steps you should take. The roadmap gives you the most important factors which you should use for comparing the corporate energy market rates. When you have collected aforementioned factors, you can start comparing. At first you need to bring the current situation in view. We advise to set a fixed date every time you want to check the current energy rates. Via this way you prevent postponing this important task.

Comparing corporate energy yourself

When you want to compare corporate energy yourself you should search for your annual bill. At the annual bill you will find the relevant data for comparing corporate energy offers. You need to search for the delivery rate and the fixed rate per month/year (the standing charge), these two rates can differ a lot between corporate energy suppliers. The aforementioned sentence is an important sign that those two rates should be important subjects of your comparison. Other rates like energy tax and tax reduction are regulated rates, and therefore can’t be changed by energy suppliers.

When you are searching for the cheapest corporate energy offers always keep the delivery rate and the standing charge in mind. Beforehand some offers seem very credible, but with a closer look this changes. Some offers are just too beautiful to be true. Corporate energy suppliers try to lure companies with incomplete offers, when you see the complete offer you get an unpleasant surprise.

Sustainable corporate energy

CSR, corporate social responsibility. Aforementioned term became more and more important over the years. One of the aspects of CSR is sustainable energy. More and more opportunities open up for reaching sustainable energy goals, for corporate energy likewise. However sustainable energy is not always the cheapest option, it doesn’t have to be unfavourable for your company. At the long term it even could be favourable. We at Zakelijke Energietarieven are happy to tell you more about sustainable energy.