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Price per cubic metre gas

How is the price per cubic metre gas created?


NamePrice in example per cubic metre
Delivery rate€0,32
Regional surcharge€0,01
Energy tax€0,1862
Total exclusive VAT€0,5162
Total including VAT€0,6246

Besides the price per cubic metre gas you also have to pay network costs and a standing charge. The network costs are determined by the government. The standing charge is determined by the energy suppliers and therefore can differ a lot. When you are comparing different energy offers, always look at the standing charge. 

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Delivery rates for gas

Standard delivery rates for gas

At first the delivery rates for gas. These costs are usually divided in two parts at your bill. The standing charge is one of these parts, you have to pay this regardless your gas usage. Before you close the energy offer for your gas you will know the standing charge for the duration of your contract. The standing charge usually will be found in a daily rate on your gas bill. The number of days times the included tariff will make a rate for standing charges. When the standing charge is charged per day, it is easily turned into a monthly rate. As said the definitions of the standing charge changes between suppliers, however the definition always includes something like fixed or standing fee/rate/charge. The standing charge is one of the two things determined by the supplier, therefore it is something to give a close(r) look. In fact some suppliers choose to charge no standing charges. The opposite is also possible, some suppliers make their variable tariff look very good but the standing charge is surprisingly high. Aforenamed makes it highly advised to check your offer more than once.

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Variable rates for gas

Besides the standing charge you also have to pay a rate depending on your usage. These costs can be held against a fixed rate or a variable rate. When you choose a fixed rate you will pay the same rate for the whole duration of your contract. However, when you choose a variable rate it will change during the contract. The change of the rate will find place at 1 January and 1 July. Only when you really use gas these costs will be made. The number of used cubic metres gas times the agreed rate are the variable costs at your bill. You will find the made calculation on your bill. The most of the usage comes from your central heating. An average of three-quarters of the usage comes from the central-heating. Different situations make that your company will use more gas. Therefore don’t be scared when your usage suddenly changes. A long and heavy winter is enough to drive up your gas usage, naturally this will cost more. Also in a lot of companies the working hours are longer and more spread over the day. Logically your company will use more gas when your company is opened up longer and more. Therefore always think about a logical explanation for a sudden rise in your usage.

What is the regional surcharge at my gas bill?

The big difference between gas bills and energy bills is the regional surcharge at gas bills. This is a rate named on your gas bill and not on your energy bill. People often ask questions about this rate, they don’t know where it comes from or what it is. The regional surcharge comes from the year 2005, the year the gas market was privatised. The surcharge is added to your bill because the gas has to travel it’s way to your company. The most of the gas is extracted in the Dutch province Groningen. From Groningen the gas has to travel through the country, to your company. The surcharge is charged to cover the costs for aforenamed transport. The actual charge differs between companies. De charge is calculated on grounds of distance, how further away you are from the extraction point the higher the charge will be.

At first the regional surcharge looks like an obligated rate, however this isn’t really the truth. It is a choice for the supplier. The suppliers determines the actual rate for the charge at your bill, so it is theoretically possible that it is nothing.

Just like the standing charges it is highly advised to give the regional surcharges a close look when comparing offers. It is a part of the total package, so it is important. Surprisingly high costs should draw your attention, but also very low ones have to. When they are very low, always check the other rate. More than once the other rates will (over)compensate the low regional surcharge. For your small business or corporate company the individual rates aren’t interesting, the total package it the one thing that counts. We understand that the individual rates are good to watch, but in the end the total price is important for your company.

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